First Aid Storage Locations in Long Dong (2019.06 all equipment renewed)


With the help of many, new medical supplies have been moved into 6 different spots in LD. It is best if we never need them but please be prepared just in case you need!

Best risk management is prevention, hence minimize the chance of accident from happening by using the proper climbing techniques is the way to go!

Learn some BLS (Basic Life Support) skills, be responsible for yourself and your buddies.

Find out and learn more about locations of medical supplies, rescue plans, and rescue method in order to be able to assist in case of need!

Storage Locations

There are 6 spots of medical equipment storage. See the photos below to get a clearer idea.

School Gate: in a rock cave on the right side of the Disco Buttress.

Clocktower: Go to the left side of Four Presidents. The equipment is in a small cave under the wall.

Music Hall: far end of Recital Hall

First Cave: far end of First Cave

Gold Valley: Go down the Gold Valley trail and turn left as you reach the Dragon Boat Wall. The equipment is under some big boulders near the trail.

Backdoor: in a small cave under the wall which is on the right side of Old Man Wall. You can spot the cave from Basement.




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