Guting Riverside Park Bouldering

Region: Taipei

Description: The GongGuan wall, as it is known, is a bolted 4 meter high “bouldering” wall located in the riverside park near the GongGuan area. The landing is firm rubber tile, ok until the red line but for serious bouldering a pad is recommended.

Location:Outdoor Wall Map  Despite the name, the wall is located closer to GongGuan around NTU

Offers : Bouldering (~4m), The World’s Shortest lead climbing

Covered from rain: Yes

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Notes:  While not an ideal place to do actual bouldering without a pad, the holds and angles make  traversing here surprisingly resistant. Good endurance training, just watch out for the spinners!

The short nature of the wall makes no sense for actual lead climbing but does make it a good place to practice basic outdoor lead climbing skills such as clipping, rappelling and cleaning in a relatively safe setting.  But don’t actually take a lead fall here — as the wall tops out around 4m, you have a good chance of hitting either the ground or your hapless belayer.


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