Keepon – Climbing shop

Keepon is a simple outdoor store with a decent collection of rock climbing gear.

Keepon - Storefront


The physical store is located at Longshan temple station(龍山寺). Come out of exit 3 and keep walking until you get to the large multi-way intersection. You should be able to see Keep-on directly across from you.



The first floor has a small rack with some smaller equipment there. You can buy biners of most shapes and sizes, belay devices, rappel rings, and webbing to build quickdraws. There are also hex chocks, randomly enough.


In the basement there is a bit more, and you can find harnesses, a few mad rock shoes, chalk, and even a bouldering size chalk bucket.

There used to be a small bouldering gym down here, but recently climber traffic has decreased in this area, so the owner has taken the gym down.

Verdict: The actual Keepon store is a bit meh, especially since it’s only one station away from Tingsaniou which has a lot more gear. However the online store has a lot of stuff and is worth checking out, especially if you don’t live close to the Taipei city center.


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