CLOSED – LanZhou Street Bouldering Gym 蘭州街抱石場


This shop closed down on April 28th, 2012. This entry is kept for historical purposes only.

Our Review

Description: Located on a small street near Minquan W. Road Station, LZS  Bouldering Gym is the premier bouldering gym in Taipei city.
Location:  103 台北市 蘭州街30號  3rd Floor
Offers: Bouldering(up to 3m), good tunes.
Schedule: ———————–
Pricing: —————————

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Notes: LZS was a funny beast. On paper it was not impressive – smaller, much smaller, than the bouldering gyms in the US. Walls only go up 3m and routes are definitely shorter.

But good holds, good routesetting, a great atmosphere and great people, including some of the strongest climbers in Taipei, made this a great gym.



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