The TaiwanRocks Library

Due to the difficulty of getting English language climbing books in Taiwan, TaiwanRocks is curating a library of top-quality climbing and mountaineering literature.

The library is free to use and consists of both Paperback and digital books in the Kindle format. Kindle books are available to any climber in Taiwan, but due to logistical issues, paperback books are limited to climbers in the Taipei area.

To borrow a book, please contact us. Paperback books may be borrowed freely for up to 1 month, but require a security deposit which will be given back when the book is returned . Digital books may be borrowed for up to 14 days and require no deposit.

Books Available

Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills


Author: Mountaineers

Applicable to:  Backpacking, Mountaineering, Climbing in general

Topics: Everything you could possibly think of related to Mountaineering.

Comments: First published in 1960, this book is comprehensive and useful for almost any climber but be aware some techniques are dated and should be cross checked with other sources.

Deposit: none (Digital)

Availability: Available

The Self-Coached Climber


Author: M. Hague and Douglas Hunter

Applicable to:  Sport Climbing, Bouldering

Topics: Climbing performance, Training, Climbing movement

Comments: Best book on climbing movement bar-none. The paperback version comes with a valuable DVD illustrating the exercises.

Deposit:  $800(Paperback w/DVD), none (Digital)


  • Paperback Available
  • DigitalAvailable

Rock Climbing Anchors: A Comprehensive Guide


Author: Craig Luebben

Applicable to:  Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing esp. multipitch.

Topics: Anchors for Trad and Sport Climbing,  placing protection

Comments: Up to date knowledge for trad climbers and multipitch sport climbers written by an engineer. Good explanation of the forces involved in climbing.

Deposit:  $400

Availability: Available 

Performance Rock Climbing

Click through for Amazon link

Author: Dale Goddard & Udo Neumann

Applicable to:  Sport Climbing, Bouldering

Topics: Climbing performance, Training, Climbing movement

Comments: A great intro to climbing performance.

Deposit:  none(digital)



The Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training for Climbers


Author:  Arno Ilgner

Applicable to:  Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Bouldering

Topics: Climbing performance, Training

Comments: The oft-neglected mental side of climbing.

Deposit: none(digital)

AvailabilityChecked out


9 out of 10 Climbers Make the Same Mistakes

9 out of 10

Author: Dave Macleod

Applicable to: Trad climbing. Sport Climbing. Bouldering

Topics: Improving your climbing, breaking past plateaus.

Deposit: $700

Availability: Available 



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