Besides our own Tech Tip articles, here is technical information from manufacturers and reputable sources to help you climb better and safer:

Climb Better

How to Pull Slopers - Pro Tips, Climb X Media

Learn to Climb Crack - Wild Country Crack School

Get back on a steep route - Climbing Magazine – Walking the Rope Tech Tips - Chockstone has a great deal of tech tips written by folks who know what they’re talking about.

How to Clip better - Rock Climbing basics by Mike Pearson

Climb Harder by Falling - UKC Clip Drop Article

Animated Climbing Knots  - Animated Knots by Grog

Climb Safer

Basic Sport Climbing Safety - Petzl Sport Climbing Tech Tips

Dynamic Belay correctly - Homoclimbtastic. also gives good advice on the topic.

Belay someone heavier than you - Climbing Mag

How to Stick Clip - Climbing Mag. You need tape, and a stick.  A big stick.

Setting up an Autoblock for Rappel - Peak Mountain Guides. We have a full article about this here.

Basic Top Rope Belaying  - By Climbing Mag, this illustrates the standard BUS belaying method currently taught across America.

Bouldering Safety – By MEC.  Believe it or not there is a technique to spotting, and falling. Read and learn.

Clean Anchors without going off belay - Climbing Magazine. This is a great backup technique to know especially if you forget your belay device, but be careful not to rely on it at crags you aren’t familiar with, and please don’t lower off permanent gear. Video Version

Bail off a route more safely – Petzl Solutions Catalog

Injuries and Prevention

Understand Pulley Injuries - Dave Macleod’s article on pulley injuries is still the best advice out there about them.

Prevent Shoulder issues with these exercises(Rotary Cuff) - UKC

Avoid Climbers Hunch - DPM Magazine

Gear Info and Safety

Use your GriGri correctly(Video) – Petzl How to Belay the Leader

Learn to use your GriGri(Website+PDF)- Petzl GriGri Experience

How to Belay with the Mammut Smart- Mammut Climbing Gear: Smart Alpine Belay (English)

How to use the ATC Guide – Black Diamond

Dangers of using a Daisy Chain to Anchor - Black Diamond QC Lab

Inspect Your Gear - Petzl PPE Inspection 

Anatomy of a Carabiner - DMM


There are many climbing blogs out there but very few which strike the balance between personal narration and useful tips. These are the ones which give real insight into climbing better:

  • Power Company Climbing
  • Online Climbing Coach


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