Long Dong Rebolt – Anchor Chain Initiative

The Rebolt group has almost finished their planned work of updating the bolts at Long Dong with sea-crag worthy glue-in bolts and is now starting on their next step, which is to install chains at anchors of popular routes with stainless steel maillon rapides(aka quicklinks)

The main setback to this plan has been obtaining marine grade 316 stainless steel quicklinks necessary to stand up long term to the seaside conditions at Long Dong, but a recent donation of 200 quicklinks from Alpine Direct has made this step possible.

Over the next few weeks the rebolt team and friends will install quicklinks on popular routes as per the following photos:

Photo - Alvin Hsu

Photo – Alvin Hsu


Chains on unequal bolts

Photo – Alvin Hsu


If you see these maillon rapides on anchor bolts please realize they are not bailout gear, but intentionally placed anchor links, and do NOT remove them.

Finally, while cleaning on rappel is still encouraged for climbers who are confident and safe at it, cleaning on lowering should be done on the quicklinks, NOT the glue in anchor bolts, so as to reduce wear on permanent gear.



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