Nangang Sports Center Climbing Gym 南港運動中心攀岩場

Location: 115 臺北市南港區玉成街69號

Offers: Lead climbing, top roping, up to 9m

Price: $50! very cheap for top-roping/leading

Hours: 6am to 10pm everyday! ( Same as the Sports Center)


-You must have a belay card from another gym in Taiwan. There is no resident climbing employee to instruct you, test you, or save your ass if you fuck up.

-We highly recommend going with an experienced climber if you are not one yourself. As noted above there is no resident employee to check your safety.

-Buy a ticket at the front desk before going to the 3rd floor-  You will need to sign in on the ssheet, and leave your info, with the last 3 digits of your receipt number.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 


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