Neihu Sports Center Climbing Gym 內湖運動中心 攀岩場

Description: staffed by good climbers, this Sports center climbing center has a pair of 15m tall outdoor walls, as well as a small but well maintained indoor bouldering section.
Offers: Sport Climbing & Top-Roping up to 15m, Bouldering up to 3m

Location: 台北市內湖區洲仔街12號
Schedule: 9AM to 10PM
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Price: Bouldering $50. Lead Climbing $200. With a special discount card (好爬卡) you get a 20% off for 10 entries.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: The best roped climbing in Taipei, Neihu has a near-vertical(5 degree overhang)wall, as well as a seriously steep overhang lead wall with a wicked roof section. Managed by a top setting team, the routes here on both walls are consistently high quality.

If you like getting high, get your butt to Neihu.

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