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Yangshuo and Getu Travel Guides for Rock Climbers


How to go to Yangshuo (陽朔) and Getu (格凸), the two famous limestone climbing areas in China? China Climbing Documentary Project has had the detailed information sorted out in Chinese and English. Check their FB page for more up-to-date info and documentaries about climbing in China as well!

Yangshuo Travel Guide for Rock Climbers

Getu Travel Guide for Rock Climbers

Photo from China Climbing Documentary Project FB page

2019 Kaohsiung Bouldering Cup held on Aug. 3


2019 Kaohsiung Bouldering Cup will be held on Aug. 3 (Sat.) in Climbing and Life. There are beginner(V0-V2), intermediate(V3-V4), and advanced(V5 +) groups. Signup is open until July 26.  Go check it out!

More info (in Chinese)

Signup here

Picture from Climbing and Life FB page

First Aid Storage Locations in Long Dong (2019.06 all equipment renewed)


With the help of many, new medical supplies have been moved into 6 different spots in LD. It is best if we never need them but please be prepared just in case you need!

Best risk management is prevention, hence minimize the chance of accident from happening by using the proper climbing techniques is the way to go!

Learn some BLS (Basic Life Support) skills, be responsible for yourself and your buddies.

Find out and learn more about locations of medical supplies, rescue plans, and rescue method in order to be able to assist in case of need! Read the rest of this entry »

Videos and photos of 2019 National Sport Climbing Championships


photo by Yi-da Ho

Sharing some of videos (by Yen-yi Wu) and photos of qualification and finals (by Yi-da Ho) of the 2019 National Sport Climbing Championships in Shoushan.  Passionate, great climbs!  Great thanks to the staff and all the participants!

Watch Out for Loose Rocks in Long Dong!


Rocks in some areas of LD are more unstable. Be careful when you climb in these areas, such as the Grand Auditorium (as shown in this photo).

In May 2019, two rock climbing accidents occurred in LD, leading to one death and two seriously injured.  The causes are still under investigation.  For now, only one thing is clear: these accidents are highly likely related to loose rocks.  The big earthquake in April had shaken down some huge blocks of rock in various areas of LD. What’s more, heavy, concentrated rainfall in late May might also have made rocks everywhere more unstable.

Please consider the following as you go climbing in LD:

1.Avoid climbing in loose-rock areas.

2.Wear a helmet.

3.Use auto-braking or auto-locking belay devices.

4.The belayer and all who are at the base of rock walls should identify the spots that can shelter them from potential rockfall, such as small overhangs nearby.

For the more info, please follow the FB page “LD Rescue Project” (mostly in Chinese)

Here is the preliminary report for the accident on May 5, 2019. (in Chinese)