Pogo Bouldering Gym


Description: New bouldering gym near FuJen University
Offers: Bouldering(4.4m)


Phone: 02 2908 2928
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua
Hours: M-F 1pm-11pm, Weekends 10am-8pm


Single entry $300 / Student $250 / 2 hours before closing discount $200

Single entry + shoes + coach instruction $500 (reservation needed)

20 tickets: $5000 / student $4000

Monthly pass: $1300 / student $1000

Half-year pass: $6500 / student $5000

Annual pass: $13000

Shoes rental $80

*Student discounts applied to students under 26 only

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Pogo is run by four of the top climbers/setters in Taiwan, and it shows. The quality of setting is very high, yet despite being run by very strong climbers, there is something for everyone here. Problems here require technique and finesse as much as power – this is a place that rewards good technique. Grading is consistent at each level, and similar to American gym grades

Walls are around 4m high – just tall enough to keep it interesting, yet not high enough to be dangerous. The facilities themselves are simple but fairly well designed(though we would prefer more space between the left and right walls).

Overall, the routes make this well worth visiting, especially for beginner to intermediate climbers(v0-v4).


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