Hayden Kennedy在雪崩意外中過世(2017.10.07)

2017年10月初,傳來悲痛的消息:年僅27歲的美國攀登家Hayden Kennedy,在一次滑雪行程中遭遇雪崩,女朋友Inge Perkins當場死亡,他悲痛之餘也隨她而去。



兩人在攀岩與登山界都有相當的成就。其中,以這麼輕的年紀來說,Hayden Kennedy的攀登成就實在不可思議。他曾攀登世界各地的知名困難攀岩、大壁與alpine路線,包括在21歲時首度「公平攀登」阿根廷的托雷峰東南稜(Cerro Torre),或首攀Indian Creek的著名路線Carbondale short bus (5.14-)等。但他謙遜低調,且對攀登與生死有深刻的體悟。


I’ve never been a goal-oriented climber so I don’t really see the point in recording my climbs or hyping them up. I don’t really care that much about “sending” routes and I definitely don’t give a fuck if anyone knows when I do send something. I don’t have an 8a.nu scorecard. I don’t hashtag on Instagram. And I’m not on Facebook. I guess that makes me a shitty Millennial …

I do, however, enjoy reading the “Day I Sent” series on Evening Sends. I’ve noticed many of these stories follow a similar storyline. It’s the classic “Hero’s Journey,” only with bolts and kneepads. The main climber finds the perfect project, battles both physical and psychological hurdles, comes to some kind of internal peace with the whole process, and eventually sends the motherfucker. End of story.
Part of what makes these stories enjoyable to read is that hard routes can bring out some really important, but not always obvious lessons. Routes ticked, cruxes overcome, and summits achieved can be super meaningful, but they’re also not the most important things in life.
然而,我喜歡讀Evening Sends的「Day I Sent」系列。其中很多故事都有類似的情節發展,如某種「英雄的旅程」,不過帶上了bolt與護膝。主角發現一個完美的project,經歷過生理與心理上的種種難關,最終達到某種心靈的平靜,並且搞定該project。故事結束。

The true, lasting meaning, we like to say, is found in the friendships and partnerships that we build while pursuing our climbing goals.

Over the last few years, however, as I’ve watched too many friends go to the mountains only to never return, I’ve realized something painful. It’s not just the memorable summits and crux moves that are fleeting. Friends and climbing partners are fleeting, too. This is the painful reality of our sport, and I’m unsure what to make of it. Climbing is either a beautiful gift or a curse.





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