Rebolting Starts again at LD – with Titanium

The Rebolt Team has announced that Titanium bolt product has finished – over 1000 bolts have been produced, and rebolting will start again soon.


Doc announced on Nov 11th 2016:

“Two types of titanium bolts – Ti6Al4V and Ti6Al4V-ELI were tested with ASTM-G36 for SCC (Stress cracking corrosion) and both showed no signs of SCC. However, Ti6Al4V-ELI is proven to be more corrosion resistant in various conditions. Hence the team decided to produce the new bolt with that material. The production is now done with 1017 bolts total and the rebolting process will start soon.
The rebolt process will be similar to before. Which routes will be rebolted will be announced a week ahead. If possible, bolt holes will be reused, unless there are conditions that prevent them from doing so. But by doing so, the process will be slow, hence we need your patience, and cooperation. ”

-Full announcement in Chinese is available at the Rebolt Team page

Thanks Jeff Lin for the Translation

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