“Rock Climbing Taiwan” 2016 — an English guidebook of many climbing areas across Taiwan


“Rock Climbing Taiwan” is written in 2016 by Nathan Ball.  It contains a great deal of information  of many climbing areas that had scattered or only word-of-mouth information before, including details and topos of Rehai 熱海, Shoushan 壽山, Heren 和仁, Kenting 墾丁大尖山, and the big wall of Zhenshan 針山大岩壁.  Many new routes and new areas in Long Dong, Rehai and Shoushan that have been put up in recent years are also included in this ebook.

Thanks to all those help putting up and making records of these areas and routes.  There are indeed still many places in Taiwan with great climbing potential!

*Note: Some climbing areas in this ebook are located in restricted zones and may require a permit.


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  2. Here is a quote from the guidebook you just posted about:

    On Plagiarism
    Technically you can’t “steal” anything here because I don’t “legally” own it. Regardless, Taiwan doesn’t exactly have a strong adherence to international copyright laws, nor do individuals have a firm understanding of the difference between “ripping off” and “reverse engineering” somebody else’s work. Thus, I fully expect (and even encourage!) this information to be translated and disseminated elsewhere. If you, dear reader, are the inevitable expropriator… please at least give me credit where credit is due!

    By Nate on Jan 25, 2018


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