Pogo Bouldering Gym


Description: New bouldering gym near FuJen University
Offers: Bouldering(4.4m)


Phone: 02 2908 2928
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua
Hours: M-F 1pm-11pm, Weekends 10am-8pm


Single entry $300 / Student $250 / 2 hours before closing discount $200

Single entry + shoes + coach instruction $500 (reservation needed)

20 tickets: $5000 / student $4000

Monthly pass: $1300 / student $1000

Half-year pass: $6500 / student $5000

Annual pass: $13000

Shoes rental $80

*Student discounts applied to students under 26 only

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Notes: Pogo is run by four of the top climbers/setters in Taiwan, and it shows. The quality of setting is very high, yet despite being run by very strong climbers, there is something for everyone here. Problems here require technique and finesse as much as power – this is a place that rewards good technique. Grading is consistent at each level, and similar to American gym grades

Walls are around 4m high – just tall enough to keep it interesting, yet not high enough to be dangerous. The facilities themselves are simple but fairly well designed(though we would prefer more space between the left and right walls).

Overall, the routes make this well worth visiting, especially for beginner to intermediate climbers(v0-v4).

DAPRO indoor climbing

Description: A climbing gym in Taichung city.
Offers: Leading (15m & 9m), bouldering (5m), standard speed climbing routes

No.700, Yongchun E. 7th Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City

Phone: 04-23807490
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua

Weekdays 1pm – 11pm

Weekends 09 am – 11 pm


Membership $300

Single entry $450 (discount for climbers over age 60 $300, entry after 21:00 $380)

Half-year pass $11900, one-year pass $20700

Ticket package (20 tickets) $ 8400 (not limited to the same climber) / 7600 (limited to the same climber)

Gear rental: shoes $100, harness $100, ATC $100, chalk bag $ 50, rope $150

Also offering other kinds of pass, belay service and climbing courses of various levels.

Notes: A climbing gym with great holds and routes.  Expensive but very convenient: it has long opening hours, very big and cozy, and equipped with 3 Auto Belay machines on the top rope wall so you may go without partners.

HE JIANG Climbing Gym

Description: A climbing and bouldering gym in Taitung city focused on experiential education.
Offers: Top rope(6m), bouldering(3m)


No.434, Sec. 4, Zhongxing Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County

Phone: 0910 558 286
T-Up Bouldering Gym Wanhua
Hours: 09 am-09:30 pm, reservation via phone or FB needed


$ 150 per visit

$ 300 climbing for 3 times, with a coach and gears

$ 50 climbing shoes rental

Also offering climbing courses for all ages above 5.


HE JIANG strives to inspire people to explore the world and know oneself better through rock climbing.  The walls and courses are well designed to serve these aims.

T-UP Bouldering Gym Wanhua will Expand and Reopen on Oct. 10, 2018


T-UP Bouldering Gym Wanhua is expanding, adding a new climbing area next-door.  The gym will reopen on Oct. 10, 2018.  During Oct. 10 to 16 member ticket discount is offered.  The pricing will change from Oct. 11 on, and the new prices are higher than before.  Seize the chance to get discount tickets!
More info in English

BONUS Education & Training Center

Description: A climbing center aiming at providing various high-quality outdoor training programs.

Type of Climbing: bouldering (3.8m), top rope / leading (9m), and a 6.5*4.8m wall for beginners

Location: Hualien County, Ji-an Township, Ziqiang Rd., Ln. 300, Aly. 30. See the map below

Phone: 03-8522762

Stone Bouldering Gym FB

Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 14:00~21:00

Weekends and holidays: 10:00~17:00

Price: See the pictures below. There are discounts for students, parents with children, children, and multiple entry tickets. Also offers shoe, chalk bag, harness, helmet, crash pad and climbing rope rental.

Notes: Apart from climbing walls, the center also offers some equipment for fitness, TRX and yoga. There are also drinking water and shower rooms.