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Map to Tingsaniou climbing shop

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Centrally located and easy to find, to get to Tingsaniou, get yourself to Taipei main station, come out of exit M7 and walk to the intersection. Turn left at the corner and you will see some large vertical signs: the first one is Arc’teryx, and the second one says Tingsaniou.

Tingsaniou is so big it covers 3 street addresses – 18, 20, and 22. The third Tingsaniou door on the left, #22, is the one for their climbing gear.

Walk in and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the stuff around.

Biners, belay devices, cams, oh my!

In the back you’ll find all the shiny metal biners, quickdraws, belay devices, and trad gear locked away behind the glass, harnesses on models.



Tingsaniou has a variety of ropes from Sterling and Edelweiss

Purty colors.

There is a good selection of harnesses and shoes.

The shoe selection is mostly Five Ten, with some ClimbX.

There is different kinds of webbing and cord on spools ready to be cut to your needs.

The best part is the prices are good too. everything is pretty reasonable and not marked up too much from the price you would get in North America.

They even have a mini climbing wall to let you test the shoes out. Great stuff.


This place is great! Well stocked and organized, if you live in Taipei and need climbing gear, come to Tingsaniou,  especially if you’re like me and like to see stuff in person before plunking your hard earned cash down.


Tingsaniou climbing shop info

If you don’t live in taipei city and dont want come out to Main station, consider ordering online from Alpine Direct or Keepon.



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