TungHai University

Location:  TungHai University Running Track

Type of Climbing:  Lead Climbing/top roping) up to 12m

Description: This is  a school climbing wall.


Open to the public Wednesdays 7:30-10pm

For other hours, please contact the TungHai University Mountain Club.

Fee: $100

Covered from the Rain: No.

Lighted at night: Yes.


A lot of Tunghai climbers also go to B1. We recommend taichung climbers  interested in lead climbing here to either come on Wednesday nights, or go to B1 to meet other taichung climbers, and you will probably be able to come outside of the official hours.

This is a university wall so please be mindful and respectful of students around you.  The Mountain club meets here regularly so if you see them please give them, and any other university students, priority.


Thanks to 黃智威 for this information


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