Where to resole climbing shoes in Taiwan?


There are not many options of resoling climbing shoes in Taiwan.  The most popular shops used to be the “Doctor of Hiking Shoes (登山鞋醫生)” in Taipei and a shoemaker in Tainan City.  However, neither of them is specialized in climbing shoes.  After resoling, the rubber and shape of shoes are quite different from the original, and repaired shoes typically cannot last for a long time before splitting or peeling again.

Huo-Yun (火雲鞋神) is the first professional climbing shoe resoler in Taiwan.  Although not as cheap as the options above, it uses Vibram XSGrip rubber, and considers the original shape and special features of each pair of shoes.  It is the current best option to prolong the life of your beloved, high-class climbing shoes.

Note: for contact, Chinese only. Please contact via Facebook.


TEL: 0968783514 Mr. Chen


Price (updated 2018.06):

Resole (only the front half):

Vibram XSGrip 3.5mm rubber – $800 / pair

Vibram XSGrip 5mm rubber – $1100 / pair


Toe cap replacement: $250 / one shoe

Patching a small hole: $ 100 / one shoe

Other treatment (e.g. DIY repair that causes resole difficulty): $100 / one shoe

Urgent repair: additional $200 for 24-hour urgent work, $100 for 72-hour. Maximum 2 pairs at a time.  Please contact before mailing.

Return delivery fee: $60 / each convenient store delivery box. Delivery only via 7-11 or FamiPort.


Important note: Toe cap replacement or patching without resoling is not accepted.  If you need only toe cap replacement or patching, it is recommended to find a local shoemaker to do the job. 

For more info and update, please visit Huo Yun official Facebook page.

Photo/from Huo Yun official FB page.



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