Xinyi Sports Center Climbing Gym – 信義運動中心抱石場

Though LZS is still where Taipei’s top boulderers go to pull on plastic on a weekday night, a new challenger for the crown of Taipei’s Best Bouldering Gym has appeared for 2012 . Possibly the best part — it’s open on weekends!

Located near Taipei 101, Xinyi Sports Center’s spacious 7th floor Climbing Gym is a bit further from the City Hall metro station than we’d like, but is easily accessible by bus.

Xinyi’s claim to fame is space. In all 3 dimensions, Xinyi reigns as the biggest bouldering gym in Taipei


The walls here are high – at 5m they’re the highest in Taipei and, personally, the highest I have seen anywhere.

They didnt’ skimp on the mats either –The padding is thicker than your mama, seamless, and soft enough to absorb those highball landings, but firm enough to walk on with ease.

And there’s a lot of wall to climb. There are 110 routes marked here, and with 5m high walls, each route is usually  twice the length of a LZS route, and will leave you at a breathtaking height on the finishing hold.

The angled walls and variety of (Fresh, Clean!)holds add a lot of novelty to this gym.

Routes and holds are new – completely reset in December 2011 for a bouldering competition.

Routesetting is  good, although difficulty varies quite a bit, even within a color. Problems here are set by various routesetters. All the easy problems set by one person, and the intermediate and harder routes set by a group of Taipei hard men.

There is a bolted vertical wall here with a roof – but nobody ever uses it –the bouldering routes go just as high! Because of the padding, it may be a good place for beginners to practice their sport climbing skills


Xinyi is possibly the best bouldering gym in Taipei right now. With high walls, good setting, and no crowd, any serious boulderer should find their way here.

For details  - how to get there, prices, etc. check out our Xinyi Bouldering Gym info on the Indoor page

To get to Xinyi Sports Center, check out the TaiwanRocks Indoor Clmbing Map

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