Yonghe Lions Climbing Wall 永和獅子攀岩廣場

Location: 福和運動公園 

Offers: Lead climbing(8m), Top Roping – if you bring your own rope

Covered from rain?: No

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Notes: This climbing wall is in family-friendly FuHe sports park, which gives it a nice neighborly atmosphere. Trash cans and places to sit are plentiful. During the day a lot of kids play in the area and will come and try their hands at the wall.  We recommend coming later in the day around sunset when parents will generally start taking their kids home.

A few holds are loose but the walls are in generally good condition.

There are stairs that go behind the wall and let you access the anchors, so if you don’t want to lead climb you could set up a top rope.

This place is ok but it’s not a big wall so there’s not a lot of “replay value”


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